What our clients say about us

"I cannot thank you enough for all that you do for mum.....when I think of her this time last year......its clear being in Cleeve Lodge makes her life 100% better'

Mrs J Barefield, daughter of a resident -2019

'Thank you so much for inviting us to have Christmas lunch with mum at Cleeve Lodge......a great day to share with everyone'

Mrs A Bremer, daughter of a resident. -2019

"Thanks for a great start, I cannot believe how welcome we have been made to feel.....and Dad loves his room

Mr S McCalla, son of a resident. -2019

'Every effort was made to make my Mum feel welcome.  Extra staff were available to help spend time with her on arrival and to settle in'

Claire Cador, daughter of a resident. - 2020


'Cleeve Lodge is in a league of its own'

Sally Murray - daughter of a resident. -2022

'If I were uanble to look after myself this is where I would like to be.  Staff are caring and go above and beyond to look after the residents and their families .

Monica Bromley - daughter of  resident 2022

'Lovely, caring staff. Mum has made so much progress' 

Alison Whitehall - daughter of a resident. - 2023





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